Edifice Construction

Edifice Construction

Edifice Construction has been acquired by Private Investors

Transaction Description: Construction / Trades Building Supply

Case Study

Client Overview:

- The client was a full-service General Construction and Project Management company serving Washington, Oregon, and Utah.
- The company was growing quickly and needed some additional horsepower and capital in order to move forward and grow.
- Their goal was to capitalize on their 30-year long relationships with the top retail companies in the U.S. and expand further into other markets (Utah and California).

JD Merit Approach:

- The challenge JD Merit faced was to sell a company in an industry where capturing value required an in-depth analysis and deep knowledge of the industry. JDM also needed to communicate with two separate owners with slightly different interest and objectives, and help bridge any gaps.
- The JDM team evaluated and suggested strategic actions for growth that were implemented.
- After the recommendations were instituted, JDM leveraged its deep experience and buyer networks, as well as utilizing a strategic auction process to find a buyer synergistic to the seller’s business.


- A deal was consummated with a smooth diligence process at a considerable premium.
- The company sold 19 times EBITDA which was approximately 3 times the industry average and both seller’s objectives were exceeded in the sale.
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