Emergent Networks, LLC

Emergent Networks, LLC

Emergent Networks, LLC was acquired by Presidio Networked Solutions Group

Transaction Description: Technology

Case Study

Client Overview:

- The client was a middle-market provider of IT consulting and managed services.
- After taking the business from a small one-man IT shop to the leading regional IT consultancy and MSP in the Minnesota region, the founder and majority shareholder came to a place in his life where he had the bulk of his wealth tied up in the business.
- Further, he and the management team recognized that taking the company to the next level would require additional capital and expertise outside their purview.
- JD Merit had the opportunity to help deliver a transaction that helped the shareholders gain liquidity, while providing Emergent with a larger platform to accelerate organic growth and provide expanded career opportunities for employees.

JD Merit Approach:

- JDM was faced with a challenge when the company initially signed a LOI with a strategic buyer that neglected to make progress on the transaction. Upon expiration of LOI exclusivity, and given JD Merit’s extensive network in the IT services space, we were able to quickly engage a new buyer and execute a new LOI.
- JD Merit effectively positioned the business with strategic buyers as an opportunity to acquire significant market share with SME customers, along with top-tier software development resources.
- We accomplished this by collaborating with management to develop growth forecasts, as well as using a deep understanding of the firm’s value proposition, its markets, customers and unique growth opportunities.


- By leveraging work done with the initial buyer and tightly managing the due diligence process and legal negotiations, JD Merit was able to deliver to the client a transaction closing approximately 30 days after signing the LOI.
- The company’s shareholders were able to meet their goals while simultaneously positioning the company for growth and providing the employees robust career opportunities.
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