InSite Telecom Inc.

InSite Telecom Inc.

InSite Telecom Inc. was acquired by Ranch Creek Partners, LLC.

Transaction Description: Telco Construction and Wireless Services
Deal Type: M&A

Case Study

Client Overview

- InSite Telecom is a leading provider of construction and installation services to the wireless industry Their goal was to increase shareholder liquidity and grow InSite with new capital

JD Merit Approach:

- At the time of the engagement, the management team was seeking to retire; however, InSite was not large enough for strategic buyers or to be an add-on for private equity platforms. InSite also had some customer concentration risks.
- The JDM team identified a number of targets that had smaller platforms that would be a fit for the situation, but ultimately the company was still too small.
- The team continued to persevere, and during 2020, the business doubled in size.
- After continued marketing and uncovering additional targeted investors, the team found a group that had ancillary experience in similar industries and the ability to build a new management team.


- Insite Telecom was acquired by Ranch Creek Partners, LLC.
- The transaction created significant shareholder liquidity.
- Created upside for one of the shareholders who elected to continue with the business post-close.
- Positioned the business for growth with a committed partner.

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