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M & A Advisor Awards 2021

by | November 5, 2021 | Press Releases, Merger and Acquisitions

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We are honored to be a finalist for 15 M&A Advisor awards, the highest in our history, including the prestigious Boutique Investment Bank of the Year. Beyond boutique Investment bank of the year, we are particularly proud of our double finalist positions in Information Technology, M&A deal of the year, and PE Deal of the year categories. Finalists are peer reviewed and selected for various categories taking into account deal complexities, industry impact, overmarket client outcomes and over-coming deal challenges. During unprecedented times the JD Merit & Company teams executed superbly and achieved great client outcomes both domestically and globally. Congratulations to our clients and teammates.

Here is a list of the Awards…

Boutique Investment Bank of the Year!

Noorda Deal of the Year for:

Cross Border ($25-$50M)

Corporate Strategic ($25-$50)

Industrials Sector Award (<$100M)

Materials Sector Award (<$100M)

Northern Feed & Bean Deal of the Year for:

Consumer Staples Sector Award

Email on Acid:

Information Technology (<$100M)

PE Deal of the Year ($50-$100M)


Cross Border ($50-$100M)

Corporate Strategic ($50-$75M)

PE Deal of the Year ($50-$100M)

M&A Deal of the Year ($50-$100M)


Information Technology (>$100M)

PE Deal of the Year ($100-$250M)

M&A Deal of the Year ($100-$250M)

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