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Private Equity Recapitalizations


Every company that thrives will eventually need to change its capital structure as it evolves. Whether you want to manage shareholder risk, start a succession plan or achieve an exit or liquidity event, or are simply seeking a new infusion of growth capital, choose a partner with a network that gives you access to powerful options.

Imagine taking on a private equity partner who allows you to take most of your chips off the table; perhaps you keep running the company for a few more years with your partner’s full backing, considerable financial acumen, and nearly unlimited access to growth capital. Our team orchestrates deals where your second bite of the apple may be as large or larger than your first through a private-equity-backed recapitalization.

JD Merit & Company maintains relationships with over 3,000 private equity firms, mezzanine providers, insurance companies, pension funds, institutional investors, banks, and non-traditional lenders to help you reach your liquidity and growth goals.

The JD Merit team has experience with leveraged equity recapitalizations ranging from $10 – $200 million, and we work with companies in a variety of circumstances to bring in new lenders and fresh capital. 

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