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JD Merit’s approach combines an intimate understanding of a company’s value and goals with a clear assessment of the competitive environment and an awareness of projected trends. Our bankers have developed deep expertise in their industries, which helps us identify unique prospects for clients interested in investigating – or ready to take – a bold step towards growth through acquisition. JD Merit’s Buy-Side M&A 2.0® methodology opens up more opportunities, with technology and data tools to reach “not for sale” companies. This approach allows us to deliver more deal flow, greater strategic enterprise value, and more accretive deals to drive earnings. Our bankers work closely with your team to help you craft a strategy that yields impressive results, building not only a larger company, but a more profitable one.



  • Acquire a Business
  • Family Office Direct Investment
  • Private Equity & Fund Searches
  • Foundation / Philanthropic Direct investment

Whether your firm has already identified the company you want to buy, or you want to pursue a broader approach, JD Merit can provide an actionable strategy and guidance to help you get the most out of an opportunity. Our advisors assist with negotiations, diligence and financing as well as managing complete search processes.

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