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Achieve your strategic and financial goals with JD Merit’s sell-side M&A investment banking services. Our expertise and operating philosophies enable us to:

  • Properly position your company in a competitive and crowded market. 
  • Drive demand and competitive bidding from multiple parties.
  • Help you become an ACTIVE SELLER, rather than simply waiting to be bought.

Our team of experts bring their vast collective insights to earning you maximum value, while also understanding the strategic and cultural considerations that go into any transaction. We offer a personalized, high-touch service through every stage of the sell-side M&A transaction process and pride ourselves on delivering results that larger investment banks simply cannot match.


Our sell-side Advisory Process: Here’s How We Get Your Deal Done

JD Merit’s team is comprised of former C-suite executives, savvy capital investors and profit-driven operating executives, and we are all entrepreneurs at heart, so we know how to create a full-service transaction process that maximizes your value, minimizes your risks and yields the best results possible.

Here’s how we do it:

  • Identify the core value drivers in your business (you may be surprised what they really are)!
  • Obtain intimate insight into your business through an in-depth, on-site discovery.
  • Work with you to add business value before we go to market.
  • Tailor a unique process that maximizes value while minimizing risk. 
  • Conduct a rigorous marketing campaign for your company that details the compelling vision of your value.
  • Assemble and dispatch our integrated deal team that includes attorneys AND accountants to ensure a smooth transaction.
  • Create and curate a list of top buy-side prospects and opportunities while keeping you apprised every step of the way.
  • Using our vast connections and experience, we will manage due diligence on all prospects to ensure the RIGHT deal is made.
  • Connect all the pieces together to ensure you achieve the best price AND the best terms for the future of your business.

A Trusted Team To Get the Job Done

Like traditional investment banks, our team members are experts in their verticals who follow a rigorous process – and we secure successful M&A outcomes for our clients. Unlike traditional firms, our personalized approach means our bankers take the time to get to know your business and devise a strategy tailored to yield the best results for you and your company.

Get superior results with a highly skilled team and a transformative M&A 2.0® process, combining value creation with a broad auction approach. Whether you’re ready to sell your firm or pursue acquisition as a growth strategy, our experience results in deals that add value.

You will experience devoted personal support from an extraordinary team of bankers through every phase of the process. We advise clients in a full range of liquidity transactions ranging from a minority sale or a majority recapitalization with a financial sponsor, to a full sale to a financial or strategic acquirer.

  • Sale of a Business
  • Partial Divestitures
  • Mergers and Roll-ups
  • Corporate Divestiture Advisory Schedule a session with a Sell-Side advisor

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