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Who Benefits from the Sale of your Company?

by | February 6, 2023 | Selling a Business, M&A, Owner Considerations, M&A Education & Market

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Who benefits from the sale of your company?


Monetizing your life’s work is the penultimate achievement of a CEO / Entrepreneur. Certainly, statistically, most companies will liquidate vs. sell for a multiple of earnings or revenue.

Let’s look at the shortlist of benefits to you:

  1. Unlocking trapped liquidity
  2. Less Stress or employee issues
  3. Lower liabilities
  4. More diversity in your net worth
  5. More Freedom / Time to pursue what you want to vs. having to
  6. Greater satisfaction of culmination/harvest vs. constantly in the grow-or-die mode
  7. Legacy fulfilled – many of us start with a goal – getting there is the reward.
  8. More significant opportunity for generosity/philanthropy

Your rewards have likely been many along the journey. You have shouldered much of the risk-reward continuum. Now it may be time to capture the prize. Be proud yet humble.

Your Family

  1. Many of the above benefits are felt by your family. Your presence, happiness, less stress, and more quality time are immeasurable.
  2. Your kids learn a valuable lesson to follow their dreams and finish well!
  3. Generational wealth is often created in the sale of a middle market company, providing future generations with additional opportunities to invest in other businesses and further the family legacy.
  4. Beware, other less wealthy relatives may show a more keen interest in your advice!

Your Employees

You have likely created a valuable company and hired and nurtured a capable team. As a founder / CEO, we are often strong personalities and have driven the company to a particular stage. However, we often see that when founders and CEOs leave the business, the company usually takes on a new lifecycle of growth. New product development often increases, and previously thought-of constraints can melt away or be met with fresh eyes. Most sellers also acknowledge that several key members of their team have helped them get to where they are, be sure to reward those that helped get you here.


Like it or not, the IRS will typically be a part of your transaction. At the same time, the IRS affords private companies many deductions and privileges along the journey to encourage entrepreneurship in the USA; at sale, it’s often time to pay the piper. While the IRS benefits, I follow that acknowledgment that we are under no compulsion to pay a dime more than we have to. Investing in proper planning before you decide to sell will help you keep more of your proceeds. A lazy seller will invariably pay more tax. Give unto Caesar what is his, and no more. This is 100% controllable by you!

Your Community.

  1. There is no limit to the joy it can give a business owner in serving the community post-transaction or engaging in philanthropy with excess proceeds. In the little league field, church ministry, or just helping others in a scalable way, your sale benefits your community. Remember that you are an employer and contributor to other families within the community.

Many people get into business for themselves, guided by a deep desire to “do it better” or not work for “the man” any longer. Yet others, their craft evolved into a company, yet for others, the “business of business” was their profession and passion. However, as your business matured, you likely noticed the impact your business has on others, and acknowledging those stakeholders in the process is one key to having no regrets about your business.

Exit Well!

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